AmTrust Auto Service Plus

Learn more about the benefits of AmTrust's AmTrust Auto Service Plus for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

AmTrust Auto Service Plus

What is Auto Service Plus?

AmTrust provides insurance specifically tailored for auto dealerships and auto service risks. With Auto Service Plus, your business can be protected from events that could disrupt your service and hamper your ability to operate. If your company has any of the following exposures or services, Auto Service Plus can help protect you from loss, damage, liability for injury and even loss of business income:

  • Franchised or non-franchised auto, truck or RV sales
  • Inventory or Dealers Open Lot
  • Garagekeepers Liability
  • Buildings or Business Personal Property
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Auto body shops and detailing
  • Oil change and lube services
  • Engine, brake or other repair work

While any business needs liability insurance, AmTrust provides tailored coverage to fit your needs in the auto dealer and auto service market. We understand the challenges you face and the vulnerabilities you have to claims. Whether you own a single dealership or shop or operate several, having Auto Service Plus can help protect your business. A generic liability policy may not cover the types of events and circumstances you encounter daily. Don't put your business at risk by using insurance that is not customized for your business. At AmTrust, we can  customize coverage specifically for your account.

How do I get Auto Service Plus insurance?

You can obtain an Auto Service Plus quote by filling out an easy application. Start by gathering all the pertinent information about your company, including:

  • Three year's documentation of your loss runs, or a signed no-loss letter
  • Your website address
  • Documentation of all personnel that work at your company
  • List of all specific vehicles used in your business

Once you have the above paperwork in order, you will need to fill out a questionaire specific to your business. That could be:

  • A franchised or non-franchised dealer application, or
  • An auto service and body shop application

Depending on your business, other supplemental questionnaires may be needed. Your agent can help you understand what is needed.

The application process will help you think about the types of events you want to cover. As you fill out your application, note any items that you want to discuss with your agent to ensure you get all the coverage your business requires.

Your submission will be reviewed by AmTrust, and you will be notified if any additional information is needed.

Why do I need Auto Service Plus insurance?

A single case of injury to a customer that results from your company’s actions can put you out of business. Any event that prevents you from operating your business can reduce your income and jeopardize your ability to function. For instance, if your shop tools are stolen, or you find yourself being sued by a customer, how will you get the funds to resolve the issue? With Auto Service Plus, claims are handled smoothly and professionally by our claims adjusters, so that you can focus on successfully running your business.

If you want to do business with large companies, they may require you to have insurance. With Auto Service Plus  they can trust that they are working with a quality company. We not only protect you, we help you grow your business.

What does Auto Service Plus cover?

Auto Service Plus can cover many aspects of your business, such as bodily injury and property damage from customer test drives; slip and fall accidents; garagekeepers liability for customer vehicles in your care; comprehensive and collision coverage for your vehicle inventory; uninsured motorist protection; employee tools and more.

Your status as an AmTrust insured business puts you in good company. You will be joining the ranks of outstanding dealers nationwide. With Auto Service Plus at your side, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your company is well protected, and that our expert team will handle any claims quickly. Apply today to get started.

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