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Learn more about how AmTrust's workers' comp insurance audit process works.

Discover the correct chargeable payroll, in accordance with applicable state rules

Confirm your business is assigned to the correct workers’ compensation classification

Assign each of your workers to the appropriate classification

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Online Audit Video

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Agent Audit Report Tool Video

AmTrust Premium Audit

Your audit will be conducted using one of the two methods: physical audits or online/mail audits. We initially charge premium based upon estimated payroll at the beginning of the policy term. To ensure these figures are accurate, and classifications are appropriate, all workers’ compensation policies are subject to an audit to determine actual premium.

The objective is to make the premium audit process a positive experience. For physical audits, you will be contacted by letter or phone to schedule a date for the audit appointment. Having the appropriate records available for the audit will allow the auditor to complete the process smoothly. There are certain payroll items that can be excluded; these exclusions vary by state and will be explained to you by the auditor to ensure you receive credit for any excludable items in your payroll.

For online/mail audits, you will be required to complete an audit form and return it along with Federal 941 forms or quarterly payroll reports from a payroll agency for all of the business locations included on your policy that best correspond with your policy period.

Premium Audit Methods

Physical Audit - A physical audit is an audit that we have sent to a third party auditing firm to review the insured’s payroll information for the policy period as well as their operations to verify their premium accurately reflects their coverage. The auditor will return their summary to us to complete the audit endorsement.

If your policy is assigned for a physical on-site audit, you can expect to be contacted by our audit representative after your policy expires or is cancelled.

Online/Mail Audits - A voluntary or mail audit is an audit completed by the insured using audit forms that are mailed to them. The insured must submit this summary and return it back to us along with payroll-supporting documents to complete the audit endorsement. It is different from a physical audit because a physical audit is completed by sending an auditor to the insured's location to complete the audit for them in person.

If your policy is assigned for an online/mail audit, you can expect to receive an audit form shortly after your policy expires or is cancelled.


Complete Your Audit Online

All AmTrust workers’ comp policyholders who are eligible for a mail audit can complete their audits online!

To get started:

  • Visit our website policyholder portal, “AmTrust Online,” at:
  • Click the “Login” link in the upper right corner
  • Log in or click the “Register” link to create your account if you have not already done so
  • From the menu bar, click “Start an Audit,” and follow the on-screen instructions
You will have access to the online audit process for any expired but not-yet-audited policies that would normally have qualified for a mail audit. While mail audit paperwork will still be sent to policyholders as their policies expire, you will now have the option to submit your audit through AmTrust Online.
This new capability applies only to workers’ comp policies and cannot be used with our other lines of business at this time.

* Please note: Not all policyholders are eligible to conduct an online audit.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 877.528.7878, and we’ll be glad to help you through this process.

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