Statutory Disability Insurance

AmTrust brings years of experience to help our appointed agents find the right combination of coverage options for their small business disability policyholders.

Access to agent-driven, innovative technologies to help policyholders get quick quotes on disability and workers’ compensation insurance.

Access to specific products such as AmTrustOnline, where you can easily manage coverage details and simplify administration on the policy of insureds.

A strong relationship with AmTrust built on a shared understanding of your needs as an agent, as well as those of your policyholders.

Statutory Disability Insurance for Business

AmTrust is one of North America’s leading statutory disability insurance providers, offering a range of coverage options to small businesses. Our appointed agents focus on working with small to mid-sized businesses to ensure policyholders have the coverage needed to protect the business, secure lines of income, and provide employees with coverage they deserve in the event of off-the-job illness or injury.

AmTrust North America has made a commitment to specialize in providing small business owners coverage options for complying with statutory Disability Benefits Laws (DBL). Our DBL team is a recognized leader in the statutory disability marketplace with a commitment that spans more than 50 years of providing DBL. Our high level of specialization offers direct access to our technical skills, competitive rates and superior services to support our customer needs.

Statutory Disability Insurance for Business

Work with One Trusted Source

AmTrust is among the most trusted statutory disability carriers in the industry, providing coverage to more than 45,000 employers in New York and New Jersey.

AmTrust is the largest private workers’ compensation carrier in the state of New York, as well as a leading provider of workers’ compensation coverage in the United States. As an appointed agent with AmTrust, you gain access to highly competitive commissions made possible by our strong reputation and track record within the statutory disability insurance marketplace.

Work with One Trusted Source

Manage Statutory Disability Insurance with Ease

AmTrust North America’s combines a rich product suite, online advantage and superior service model to make doing business easy for our valued agent partners.

  • Choose from product suite of statutory and varying levels of enriched benefits and bind online
  • Excellent commissions
  • On-demand systems and process training for all agents

Appointed agents have access to our streamlined online portal, with fast policy issuance and 24-hour access to individual coverage details and regulatory forms. An AmTrust appointed agent can quickly and easily bind a statutory DBL policy or choose a DBL Deluxe plan from our enriched coverage options, for small business owners with fewer than 50 employees through AmTrustOnline. Agents can also use AmTrustOnline to help clients with more than 50 employees find the perfect policy by inputting a few details in a short online form.

Agents can offer insureds statutory disability and workers’ compensation insurance with around-the-clock coverage for illness or personal injury, whether individuals are at work or at home. Our appointed agents also enjoy a simplified claims process through single-carrier coverage of workers’ compensation and statutory disability, resulting in your policyholders receiving faster benefits payments in the case of challenged workers’ compensation claims. That’s 24/7 coverage for your policyholders, on the job or off.

As of January 1st, 2018 all existing and new Statutory Disability policies will include NY Paid Family Leave.  This is an employee paid benefit that will provide up to 12 weeks of job-protected paid leave to address family related issues including:

1. Bonding with a newborn, adopted or foster care child during the first 12 months after birth or placement
2. Caring for a seriously ill family member
3. Addressing important needs related to a family member’s military service


Manage Statutory Disability Insurance with Ease

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